Roaster of the Year Award

The Roaster of the Year Award recognizes the top roasters in the world.

The competition is fierce and draws applications from every part of the globe. Could you be our next Roaster of the Year?

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2023 Roaster of the Year Award!

Micro Category
Rabbit Hole Roasters

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Macro Category
Cafe Kreyol

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Competition Overview

The competition begins with a written questionnaire covering topics ranging from company mission statement, sustainable/employee practices to commitment to the industry.

From the written applications three finalists are chosen from two categories, roasting less than 100,000 lbs. per year (Micro) and roasting more than 100,000 lbs. year (Macro). The finalists are required to send in 3 lbs. of roasted coffees. The coffees are cupped and scored. The cupping scores and the written scores are combined.

The company with the most points is crowned our Roaster of the Year.

Applications must arrive on or before July 26, 2023

The competition has TWO categories and TWO winners:

Micro Roaster Category
Roasters who roast less than 100,000 lbs per year

Macro Roaster Category
Roasters who roast more than 100,000 lbs per year

Criteria and Award Package

We developed this award to help inspire further excellence and success in the roasting industry.
The Roaster of the Year winners will be chosen based on the following criteria for both Micro and Macro categories:

  • Company mission

  • Commitment to sustainable practices

  • Commitment to employees and educational practices

  • Commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity

  • Commitment to and involvement in the coffee industry

  • Innovations in roasting, marketing and business practices

  • Quality of coffee

The Roaster of the Year award package includes:

  • A full-length feature story in the November | December issue of Roast

  • $500

  • Recognition on the Roast website

Contest Rules

Three finalists will be chosen based on the criteria above for each category. Contestants will be notified if they are chosen as finalists. At that time, each finalist will be asked to submit three different one-pound roasted coffee samples. Coffees will be judged on aroma, color, imperfections, bean size and a clean cup. Coffees will be blindly judged by a professional coffee cupper.

Winner of the Roaster of the Year award will be announced in the November/December issue of Roast. The Roaster of the Year award will be presented to a company and not an individual. All entries become the property of Roast and will not be returned to applicant. Entries are judged by Roast employees and representatives. Decisions of the judges are final. All scores are confidential and undisclosed. Applicants can either be a wholesale roaster or roaster/retailer. Applicants must roast their own coffee. By entering this competition you give permission to Roast to publish your name and likeness in association with this competition and the promotion of this contest.

Past Roaster of the Year Winners


Micro—Rabbit Hole Roasters
Macro—Cafe Kreyol


Micro—Little Waves Coffee Roasters
Macro—Huckleberry Roasters


Micro—Greater Goods Coffee Company
Macro—Tony's Coffee


Micro—Mostra Coffee
Macro—Coffee By Design


Micro—Dragonfly Coffee Roasters
Macro—Peerless Coffee & Tea


Micro—Amavida Coffee Roasters
Macro—Oughtred Coffee & Tea


Micro—Mudhouse Coffee Roasters
Macro—Thanksgiving Coffee Company


Micro—Propeller Coffee Co
Macro—Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea


Micro—Portola Coffee Lab
Macro—Reunion Island Coffee Roasters


Micro—Pilot Coffee Roasters
Macro—Coda Coffee Company


Micro—Olympia Coffee Roasting Company
Macro–Gimme! Coffee


Micro—Bird Rock Coffee Roasters
Macro—Portland Coffee Roasting


Micro—Conscious Coffees
Macro—Dillanos Coffee Roasters


Micro—Kickapoo Coffee
Macro—Equator Estates Coffee


Micro—Coffee Klatch
Macro—PT's Coffee Roasting Co.


Micro—Higher Ground Roasters
Macro—Zoka Coffee Roasters


Micro—Metropolis Coffee Co.
Macro—Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea


Winner—Stumptown Coffee Roasters
Runnerup—Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea
Runnerup—Dillanos Coffee Roasters


Winner—Counter Culture Coffee
Runnerup—Taylor Maid Farms